About Us

A Psycho Aromatherapist, Certified Massage & Spa Therapist, Reiki Master, Certified Yoga Teacher, Master Herbalist, and Holistic Health Advocate.


My name is JE Sunnie Discipio, with many years of experiences I owned and operated a 2400 SF upscale Day Spa, and an eight stations full-service Beauty Salon in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Some of the services provided at the Spa were a variety of therapeutic treatments including deep tissue & Swedish massage, body exfoliation, Reiki treatments, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy,  hot sauna, yoga classes, and more.   I have an overwhelming passion self-care and Holistic Wellness.   

Lifestyles1031 Inc.

A Brand of healthier skin care products, and herbal tincture for overall health and wellbeing.

Good Herbs & Spices is affiliated with Lifestyles1031 Inc., a Brand of healther Medical Grade Organic and Natural Skin care products, and Herbal Tinctures.   After relocating from California to Florida in 2001, I started to suffer from severe environmental allergies and product sensitivities which affected my overall health.  In 2008 after years of research, I created Lifestyles1031 skincare brand.  It has been established as a professional brand with an aim to provide a medical grade, organic and natural skincare products.   With the experience and knowledge collected over the years, Lifestyles1031 Inc. products echoed their effectiveness and consistent results.  

JE Sunnie Discipio


Getting Personal

Originally from the Islands of Trinidad & Tobago, I grew up the natural way of life with an interest in herbs since a child.  My Mother had complications very early on while she was pregnant with me.  It was the ongoing use of herbal plugs, concoctions and weekly remedy treatments that she was able to go to full term pregnancy.  Nature and herbs played an important part in my development even before I was born.  With herbs playing such a vital role in the beginning stages of my life, it stayed with me throughout my life.  This is where my interest in nature, love & passion grows.  Also, a polio survivor, herbs are a big part of my life on a daily bases for maintaining health, balance, and wellness. 

Holistic Treatments


Holistic Wellness Solutions

Our bodies are quite adept at repairing themselves. We use natural methods that aid that natural ability to heal like herbal tinctures. 


Medical Nutrition

We believe many illnesses are caused by the toxins in our foods. Avoiding manufactured ingredients and pesticides reduces the harmful substances entering our bodies. Replacing them with cleaner, more organically grown food and natural plant remedies aids the body in healing itself and preventing future disease. 


Yoga Therapy

Yoga integrates with holistic medicine as it has been found treat the whole person. Yoga therapy increases flexibility and stamina, improves pain and anxiety and enhances the immune system. Yoga therapy focuses not only on physical health, but wellness of the mind and emotions.